Justin Baker – Golds Gym Marketing Director – Vancouver British Columbia

Justin Baker is the marketing director at golds gym. His career has covered the Donald Trump organization, Carlisle, along with many other high-end brands over the years. He’s dealt with social media, television advertising, and magazine/print advertising. AF2 films have done hundreds of videos for his organizations. In this interview Justin will cover his inspiration … Read more

Real Estate Video Marketing – Vancouver British Columbia

It is common knowledge to know that sometimes pictures and descriptions don’t fully describe and give the right vibe to real estate listing. When working inside the Vancouver real estate market there are many different neighborhoods and with real estate, video marketing AF2 films has been able to separate the various by doing a number … Read more

Training Videos

Training Videos are inevitable that companies and organizations are in a getting the right talent and having a useful effective training program to save both time and money.80% of HR and training teams and companies leave an absolute priority to get the right information but lack the resources because of the internal systems that often … Read more